Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Ready For July 4

Coming Monday, we’ll be launching our July 4 sale with deals on some great items (sign up for our newsletter for notice as soon as the sale starts). But I wanted to walk through some essential July 4 cooking, barbecuing, and party supplies to whet your appetite. 

Whether you’re hanging in the backyard or staking out a spot at the local park to watch the fireworks, these tools will go great with your July 4 celebration:

  • Meri Meri Stars & Stripes series: Everything from bunting to paper plates, cups, and napkins, all with a fun stars-and-stripes theme. In fact, you could put together a pack of essentials: 20 large napkins, 12 paper plates, and 12 paper cups for only $13.85!
  • Tovolo Blue Rocket Ice Pop Molds (set of 6): What’s more enjoyable on a hot July 4 afternoon than munching on a red, white, and blue rocket ship shaped ice pop? It’s easy to make tri-color pops with these molds, just like from the ice cream truck. 
  • Lucks Edible Image American Flag: This cake topper is perfect for a July 4 sheet cake. Frost your cake with white whipped cream, line the edges with strawberries and blueberries, then top with this edible image – your cake will pop like a Roman candle. 

  • Tovolo Steadysticks Wine Glass Holders: For the adults, there’s nothing finer than sitting in your local park under the band shell with  friends, enjoying a glass of wine and waiting for the fireworks to start. With these inventive devices, you don’t have to worry about balancing a wine glass on the grass or the narrow arm of a folding chair. 

  • Charcoal Companion Gourmet Corn Grilling Set: Certainly, offers many essential barbecue tools – and barbecue tools are certainly essential to the July 4 experience. But for me, no tool is as convenient and conducive to deliciousness than this corn basket. Easily roast up to 4 ears at a time, no more rolling, burning or under-cooking. Then, when you're ready to slather on the butter, salt, and cayenne pepper, the little corn grippers help keep your hands clean. Hurry – there’s only 3 left and they’re 35% off for a limited time.

  • USA Pans Nonstick Pie Pan: And finally, what’s more American than pie? How about pie made in a pie pan made in America? All USA Pans are made of high quality materials and will last for generations. I dare say using a USA Pan may be the most patriotic way to cook.

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