Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer's Hottest Sweepstakes

What’s spicier than a pound of dried Scotch Bonnet peppers marinated in a gallon of Red Savina capsicum and seared over spit under the hot Texas summer sun? The Tabanero Spicy Summer Sweepstakes, that’s what.

The folks over at Tabanero – one of America’s finest hot sauces, good on everything from eggs to mangoes – were kind enough to invite to take part in summer 2012’s hottest contest - and we'd like to take this opportunity to formally ask you to participate.

The prizes include, of course, Tabanero hot sauce, barbecue tools by RSVP, Blue Diamond almonds, acai berry liquor, and lentil chips – and all you have to do to enter is go to the Tabanero Facebook page and hit “like.” Want to go right now? Click here.

Three lucky grand-prize winners (and 5 runners up) will win enough FREE goodies to throw the biggest July 4 celebration since 1776 – except better, because they didn’t have hot sauce or lentil chips back then.  Each grand-prize winner will get:

Simply “like” Tabanero and you could win – and while you’re at it, do yourself a favor, head over to the Tabanero website, and buy abottle of their sauce. Their recipe is simple – the only ingredients are peppers, carrots, onions, lime juice, agave nectar, garlic, salt, and grapefruit seed extract – and they use no fillers:

Tabanero is 100% All Natural and adds a delicious, zesty flavor to your favorite dish. There is no vinegar in our product or any other cheap filler, such as water. Our unique blend of ingredients gives Tabanero an unforgettable flavor that ignites your taste buds like no other hot sauce. Tangy with a hint of sweetness from the agave nectar, mixed with the perfect amount of heat, spices up your dish without over powering it.

– From Tabanero
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