Wednesday, May 15, 2013

National BBQ Month - Quick Marinades

Happy National BBQ Month! Use that grill or BBQ to make amazing food. 

As I have been looking up how to grill different meats, I keep seeing Marinades come up.  I always assumed a marinade took hours, but I have found several marinades that can take as little as 30 minutes. That is great news! I always want to try out Marinades, but never seem to remember to look them up until I already should have been marinating the meat for several hours. So even if you forget, like I do, or decide last minute to grill up some yummy meat, you can add loads of flavor with a marinade while you are preparing the rest of the meal.

Quick Marinades

Quick Chicken Marinade
Chicken – Chicken takes on flavor well and quickly. Add the smokiness of the grill and you have a delicious meal.

You can also use any of the seasoning saltbalsamic vinegar and olive oil on our website to create delicious marinades.

Quick Steak Marinade

Steak – This is one meat I usually only salt, pepper and grill. Then I use steak sauce after it is cooked. While that is tasty, I am excited to try marinating it to get some different flavors going. This recipe is exactly what I was looking for in terms of marinating meat and preparing the other food at the same time. Plus it is a completely different flavor than the one I usually eat with steak. 

Salmon Marinade
Fish – A marinade can really help you eat more fish if you don’t like that “fishy” flavor. It is quick to add flavor to fish, typically not taking more then 15-20 minutes. Some firmer fish like Salmon can take up to an hour. Pro-Tip: Don’t marinate your fish in an Aluminum pan as the acid in most marinades will react with the Aluminum. 

Vegetable Marinade
Vegetables – This recipe makes a great side or main dish. This one will take longer to marinate then other recipes on here, but it looks so good I couldn't help but share it here. 

If you need a grill pan for vegetables or fish, you can get one here.

What are some of your favorite marinade recipes?