Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There's a Tip For That

We've added 180+ NEW pastry tips for all your decorating needs

We've added 180+ NEW pastry tips for all your decorating needs
Whether you're an experienced decorator or just an avid home baker/decorator, you know how important a good selection of pastry tips are to your cakes, cupcakes and other confections. With a little help from your coupler you can easily pump out icing in a whole different design than just before. Using a standard pastry tip you can write "Happy Birthday" then switch to a rose pastry tip and fan out a few rose leaves. The possibilities are endless with the 180+ new pastry tips we've just added to our website. Stop by and browse them all. Or if you know exactly what you're looking for use our search box and type in the "#" symbol followed by the pastry tip's number.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Hottest Grill Tool Of The Season

The Steak Station from Charcoal CompanionThe Steak Station from Charcoal Companion has been getting some press lately and it's not even available until late May. All the buzz is due to the fact that the Steak Station is a brand new innovation that allows you to easily monitor up to four steaks at once. Could you imagine the alternative of trying to find room for four different probes at your grill?

The Steak Station takes care of other things for you as well. It clearly displays a meter-style reading of "Rare", "Medium" and "Well" for each piece of meat so there's no confusion as to what temperature fits into which category. The probes are also color coated in red, yellow, green or orange so you can criss cross the wires all you need to and still keep track of everything. The Steak Station can also be used in the oven like a regular meat thermometer.

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