Friday, July 2, 2010

NEW Premium Teas from Tienxi

Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder from Tienxi
Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder from Tienxi
The Tienxi Tea Company imports some of the finest handcrafted teas from China and Taiwan. And they have just added two new varieties to their product line. The first, Tienxi's Matcha Green Tea Powder (pictured left), is a 100-gram bag of premium powdered green tea. It gives you the many health benefits of green tea (like EGCGs), but one of the most surprising things about this products is the taste. Simply add 1-gram of the Matcha Powder to 250ml of water and shake with ice in a cocktail-type shaker and enjoy. It is also pretty delicious as a hot tea. The second new item from Tienxi is their Hand-Picked Premium Jasmine Pearl Tea, available in a 2-oz, 4-oz, and 8-oz variety. It is very competitively priced, which is the first thing you'll notice if you have ever purchased Jasmine tea. But, in addition, we at the offices all agreed that Tienxi's Jasmine Pearl tea is the best Jasmine tea we've ever tasted. It's fragrance and taste are simply unbeatable.

New Jasmine Pearl Tea Varieties from Tienxi
2oz Tin
Premium Jasmine Pearl Tea from Tienxi
4oz Bag
Premium Jasmine Pearl Tea from Tienxi
8oz Bag
Premium Jasmine Pearl Tea from Tienxi

Monday, June 28, 2010

What Should I Get?

Gift Wrap & Card only $5.49
Do you ever wonder what the perfect gift is for some one? Well, if they like to cook, stop by and browse our gift ideas department to help generate or find the perfect item for any chef, baker or cook on your list. Our gift ideas department is full of top kitchen quality products for any birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because gift. The best part is that you can narrow it down with sub-sections like "Cook's Illustrated Reviewed", "Gift Ideas for Bakers", "Gift Ideas for Chefs & Cooks", "Gift Ideas for Her", and "Gift Ideas for Him".

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