Friday, June 24, 2011

The Cupcake Pen Review is In

Check out this informative – and somewhat hilarious – review of the Tovolo Cupcake Pen from WXIA NBC in Atlanta. The demonstration of how tricky it is to get cupcake batter (I think you could use this for any kind of batter) into cupcake liners is funny – it’s that classic flustered, ultra-busy mom thing. 

Also, I love the quote, “I’m sure I could be holding one of the babies and do this.”

We’ve had one of these cupcake pens floating around the office recently. I’m tempted to take it home and see what else it could do. I was thinking: if I got three of these, I could make a July 4 cake out of red, white and blue colored batter. Anyone have any rad ideas? You could write your name in cake. In cake!
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