Monday, February 22, 2010

Srping + Grill + Sliders = Fun!

Make fun and delicious sliders at home with Charcoal Companion

Make fun and delicious sliders at home with Charcoal Companion

As the crisp, cold air begins to fade and summer quickly approaches it's hard not to think about grilling. While some wait for the chill to diminish completely, others fire up their gas or charcoal grills and brace the cold. All this just for the delicious flavor, taste and comfort grilled food yields.

One of the most popular and timeless grilled food items has always been the hamburger. However, the more recent "slider" burger has been quickly gaining popularity thanks to restaurants and avid home grillers who are serving them up as appetizers or as the small main dish. The name "slider" is said to have originated due to the mini burger's size because they can easily slide down your throat in one or two bites. Whatever the history and reason for their origin, sliders are undeniably great for parties, kids and adults of all ages.

With the Deluxe Mini Burger Slider Basket & Press Set from Charcoal Companion you can easily make sliders at home. The set includes a 9 slot grilling basket for easy grilling and flipping, a triple patty burger press to create uniform sliders and a mini-bun cutter to trim full buns down to size. The Deluxe Slider Set also makes a great gift for any lover of all things grilling.

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