Thursday, February 18, 2010

The story of Grill Charms(TM)

It all started with an extra hot piece of Jamaican Jerk chicken at a dinner party. Leslie Haywood, founder of Grill Charms was hosting a dinner party with her husband when he mixed up the extra hot and mild pieces of chicken, accidentally serving Leslie the wrong piece. After that moment, Leslie got her idea for a new product.

Grill Charms are a revolutionary new way to keep track of what's what on the grill. They are made of pure stainless steel and have a serrated tip that will hold firm while you flip, rotate and shift your meat on the grill. Some of the many uses for Grill Charms include (but are not limited to):

  ·distinguishing between Rare, Medium Rare, Medium Well and Medium

  ·clearly marking which meats are spicy, mild and medium

  ·allowing you to customize each different grill item

  ·identifying meats for people with health or allergy concerns

Grill Charms Steak Markers Grill Charms Spicy Collection Grill Charms Charmed Life Collection

Grill Charms come in four different packs of 6. The Steak Collection gives you two charms for Rare, two for Medium Rare, one for Medium and one for Medium Well. The Spicy Collection gives you two charms for Hot, two for Mild and two for Medium. The Charmed Life Collection gives you one palm tree charm, one sailboat, one four leaf clover, one crown, one martini glass and one dollar sign.

Grill Charms Pink Collection supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The final collection is more special than the first three. The Pink Collection comes with one ribbon charm, one chef hat, one shoe, one wine glass, one ladie's hat and one swan. But, the thing that makes is special is that 10% of each sale goes directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Leslie became a breast cancer survivor after having a bilateral mastectomy in August of 2006. After two reconstructive procedures she says she's feeling better then ever.

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To learn more about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation follow this link:
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