Thursday, February 25, 2010

An All-In-One Grill Tool

The Grill Station from Charcoal Companion
the Grill Station from Charcoal Companion
Meet your new best friend, the Grill Station from Charcoal Companion. A unique tool that does more than meets the eye, the Grill Station marinates, stores, chills and serves food. The tool caddy attachment keeps all the necessities like thermometers, tongs and spatulas close at hand while the trays keep raw and cooked foods separate to avoid cross contamination. The Grill Station's trays have ridges inside which prop meat up slightly allowing marinade to freely flow and evenly coat all your meat. One lid is included, which fits both clearly marked 'RAW' and 'COOKED' trays. Another great feature of the Grill Station's trays is their ability to be written on. You can use a dry erase pen to write dates or notes on the side of the trays, then simply wipe them off with a mild cleaning detergent or throw them in the dishwasher.

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