Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tailgating with Picnic Time

Sparty on ... a picnic chair
I had the rare pleasure last Friday of seeing my Michigan State Spartans defeat the Boise State Broncos – rare because here in the Pacific Northwest, Big 10 teams just don’t rate (especially in a sports bar competing for TV time with the Mariners). It made me nostalgic for crisp autumn days in East Lansing, drinking coffee and grilling hotdogs in the parking lot outside Spartan Stadium.  

Now that the college football season is on us, I’m thinking about heading down to U-Dub (the University of Washington, as it’s known locally) to recapture those tailgating days. The air may be moister here in Seattle, but I’m sure the experience will be just as satisfying.

But I’m missing something essential for proper tailgating – gear. I don’t have a single U-Dub sweatshirt, cap, beer cozy, or anything. Where should I begin? That question was answered last week when the Picnic Time line of NCAA and NFL-branded picnic chairs and tables went live on

What could be better than a chair specifically designed for tailgating and other similar outdoor activities emblazoned with my team’s logo? How about a Picnic Table for four with your team’s logo on it?
The U-Dub Huskies picnic table
Picnic Time is renowned for its beautiful picnic baskets (most come stocked with plates, utensils, blankets and more) and portable grills. This outdoor furniture is light, durable and easy to take anywhere – from the beach to the parking lot at your local stadium. Having the option of getting your team’s logo adds a new dimension. 

I actually had the chance to sit in one of the picnic chairs recently. The seat was comfortable and firm, not rickety like foldout chairs you get from big box stores. The best part, though, was the storage compartments; they attach to the arm of the chair, and there’s room for everything from cups of cider (alcoholic or non) to cell phones, keys, and pennants.  There’s even a side table for your hot dogs. 

I’m targeting a tailgating session with my new U-Dub picnic chair on Sept. 27 when Stanford comes to town. We have nearly every NCAA team and all NFL teams available – pick up yours today!
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