Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Wonder Of Burnt Flour Orecchiette

DiCuonzo Orecchiette Farina Arsa Pasta

Have you ever tried burnt flour orecchiette? 

We won’t fault you if the answer is “no.” This variety of orecchiette, with a beautiful texture and color that resembles dark chocolate, is extremely rare outside of Italy. Even in Italy, it’s hard to find outside of the Puglia region. 

Luckily, we have Ritrovo Italian Importers, which imports this extra special burnt flour pasta varietal to the U.S. - and is one of the only retailers in the U.S. making this wonderful pasta available.

The most recent issue of the Italian cooking magazine La Cucina Italiana featured this special orecchiette; the magazine recommends simply tossing it with fresh, chunky tomato sauce. Here’s what writer Victoria Riccardi had to say about it: 

“Ash-brown in color and shaped like small, deep saucers, orecchiette di grano arso, or burnt flour orecchiette, is a product of Puglia’s cucina povera that dates to the Middle Ages. [The orecchiette] came topped with a chunky tomato sauce, and the distinctive pasta had a nutty, slightly smoky flavor that shone through clearly. It was unlike anything I’d eaten before.”

Experience this beautiful, flavorful DiCuonzo Orecchiette Farina Arsa Pasta today.

The tomato sauce recipe is simple, and its sweetness enhances this smoky pasta. Find the recipe here

The La Cucina Italiana article, courtesy of Ritrovo

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