Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ChefTools.com Made-in-America Shopping Guide

I am extremely proud to share this guide to all the brands available on ChefTools.com that make their products in America. I was actually surprised by how many brands still make their products here. If you’re into shopping local, or just want to support American workers, look to these brands and their outstanding products. 

Ateco: Founded in 1905 in Long Island – where it’s still located today – Ateco is known for its high quality, affordable bakeware and baking tools. Not all Ateco products are made in America, but many are. Airbrush coloring, cake decorating sets, pastry decorating sets, food coloring markers, decorating bags, and more all American made. 

Architec bowl sets

Architec: Stylish, durable, and infinitely useful, all Architec bowls, cutting boards, and cups are made in America. Even better, Architec uses 98% recycled materials to make its bowls.

AmeriColor: Are you a patriotic candy maker? Then try AmeriColor. These Kosher, oil-based candy colorings are made to blend with chocolate and hard candy and other oil-based foods.

Bar Keeper’s Friend: Invented in Indianapolis in 1882 by a chemist looking to clean a rhubarb-stained pot, Bar Keeper’s friend is still made in the Circle City. And, as a frequent cleaner of pots, I can tell you that it cleans stainless steel and enamel quickly and easily (plus, tile, linoleum, porcelain – most kitchen and bathroom surfaces).

Bag Adapter Kit: This handy device allows you to reuse pastry bags no matter how big of a hole you’ve cut in it. Invented by a baker and mother from San Diego. Two percent of all Bag Adapter Kit sales go to the Autism Speaks foundation.

Bread Armor: The Bread Armor artisan bread bags help bread stay fresh longer with a multi-layer barrier that keeps out mold-causing moisture and drying oxygen. This bread bag is perfect for low-moisture, gluten-free breads and artisan breads that do not contain preservatives.

Bella Cupcake Couture:  Posh and chic textile-inspired cupcake wrappers for all sizes and shapes. Designed and made here in Washington State.

Best Manufacturers: A leading manufacturer and supplier to the restaurant industry and for 4 decades has made its famous whisks and cooking tools in America. 

An example of a cake spruced up with a Cake Vase

CakeVase: Add flowers to you cake with this interesting tool. Great for weddings and anniversaries; made in America and it’s dishwasher safe.

DecoLace: Fancy and fun paper flowers for cheese platters and other appetizer spreads, plus cupcake wrappers, and doilies for serving pastries.

Dexter-Russell: From sandwich spreaders to granny forks, Dexter-Russell products are made of stainless steel and feature riveted walnut handles. These are beautiful and durable USA-made kitchen tools that you’ll be able to pass down to the next generation.

Epicurean Cutting Boards: Epicurean boards are made in America of Richlite, an eco-friendly, natural wood fiber from certified U.S. sustainability managed forests. Approved by the NSF (National Sanitary Foundation), durable Richlite resists and prohibits bacterial growth. Pick up an Epicurean board before we’re all sold out!

Hammerhead Products: This company makes the famous – you’ve seen it before, trust me – Eggsact Eggtimer. This handy little egg-shaped egg timer goes right in the water and gives you perfectly hard boiled eggs every time. 

Jaccard: Meat tenderizers and ceramic Y and swivel peelers – these high quality professional tools are available at an affordable price. 

Jaz Innovations: Maker of the Perfect Crust Beaded Pie Chain (available in 2 sizes), which lets you bake perfectly flat crusts every time. Simply place the chain in the bottom of your pie and bake as usual. No more uneven or warped crusts. 

From the LamsonSharp Fire Forged series

LamsonSharp: As a native of Massachusetts, I’m particularly proud of this cutlery company located along the banks of the Deerfield River in Shelburne. LamsonSharp has been constructing knives practically since the time of Paul Revere. Some products are now made overseas, but a majority of LamsonSharp products are still handcrafted in Massachusetts. All LamsonSharp knives are covered under the Sharp For Life program, which entitles owners to have their knives sharpened by the craftsmen who made them - for life.

Lucks: Makers of simply the cutest cake and cupcake decorations, cake toppers, sugar decorations and more – all made just a couple of miles south of ChefTools.com in Tacoma, Washington. 

Parrish Magic Line: Hand machined and made in California, Magic Line pans and baking tools are affordable and high quality. These are the pans that you’ll one day (far, far in the future, of course) pass down to your grandchildren. 

Microplane: For fine zests, grated cheeses, shredded carrots, and much more, turn to a Microplane grater. Constructed and honed in Georgia (they also make many excellent woodworking tools).

Pourfect: Need a mixer attachment for your KitchenAid stand mixer? Pourfect Scrap-A-Bowl attachments fit perfectly and they gently scrape the sides of the bowl so you won’t have to.

Range Kleen: Keep your stovetop kleen with a Range Kleen chrome or porcelain drip pan. These fit under your burner and prevent food, oil, and other hazards from getting inside your stove. They also make cleanup easier: simply throw them in the dishwasher when they get too dirty. 

Raw Materials Design aprons

Raw Materials Design: Yet another Washington company, Raw Materials’ aprons and linens are designed and assembled here in Seattle in the hip Georgetown neighborhood. These farm chic items are gaining popularity in boutiques and national media.

SatinIce: Practically the only name in fondant, Satin Ice is renowned for its taste and texture, perfect for intricate or simple cake and cupcake decoration.

Seattle Popcorn Company: Makers of Uncle Woody’s, not only is its gourmet popcorn unequivocally delicious, but it’s made within a couple of feet of our office. We literally see the popcorn makers with their aprons and hats walking to the local coffee stand. Sometimes the smell of delicious caramel drifts in through our air vents!

Stone-Buhr: Grown, ground, and packed in Washington state, Stone-Buhr is one of America’s oldest and most recognizable flour brands. Use to make everything from birthday cake to gnocchi.

Ultimate Edge: Look to this company to protect your knife blades (and your hands). The Ultimate Edge Blade Savers come in all sizes and sets, keeping knives sharper longer. 

USA Pans signature corrugated baking pans

USA Pans: It’s all in the name – USA Pans makes high quality bakeware here in America. Check out the pans with a unique corrugated bottom, which aids in the nonstick properties. And the most popular USA Pans product that we sell? The Nonstick New England Hot Dog Pan. 

Mario Batali's Vic Firth salt/pepper grinders

Vic Firth: Not just a drumstick maker, Vic Firth makes beautiful Mario Batali designed salt and pepper mills and rolling pins. All are handcrafted in Maine.

Zeroll: The world’s best ice cream scoops? Probably. Visit your local ice cream shop this summer and you’ll probably see the person behind the counter using the classic 2-ounce scoop.

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