Monday, April 9, 2012

New: Fat Daddio's 2012 Bakeware

Fat Daddio's Flat Bottom Mixing Bowls

We added to Chef Tools last Thursday a host of new bakeware by Fat Daddio’s. Fat Daddio’s has always been a bakeware innovator, but they’ve introduced a couple of new products this year that are particularly exceptional. My favorite is the line of flat bottom mixing bowls: they don’t move or rock like round bottom bowls, and they’re super easy to use with spatulas (also, if you buy a couple of different sizes, they stack on top of each other really well). 

Here are some other highlights from the new 2012 Fat Daddio’s line:
Silicone Veiners (molds) in multiple shapes

Silicone veiners: Use these veiners – or, more simply, molds - to form beautiful fondant shapes quickly and easily. Simply press your fondant into this mold and remove. The silicone is naturally nonstick, so your shape will release easily every time. Made of durable, FDA-approved silicone. 

3-Cup sifter: Perfectly sift your dry ingredients with this sifter. A squeeze handle operates it, so you can sift with one hand.  This design also reduces tension on the sifting blades, which means this sifter will outlast others – no more sticking (or stuck) sifting blades.

Silicone string molds: Ever see a professional wedding cake outlined with pretty little fondant pearls? Now you can do that at home. Simply add a thin rope of fondant to this mold and squeeze shut. You're left with a string of beautiful pearls. Comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, too (pearls, roses, braided rope). 

Balloon whisk (multiple sizes): These are the most solid, comfortable whisks ever produced. Fat Daddio's manufactured these whisks in response to customer requests for a better, higher-torque mixing tool - the result is an entirely new design, with a solid core handle and solid, easy to clean stainless steel blades.
Fat Daddio's Confectionary Funnel

Confectionary funnel: Reenact “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” in your home kitchen with this incredible tool. This machine doles out perfectly sized drops of chocolate, ganache, jelly or any food. Simply fill this funnel and dispense by depressed the lever with your thumb. A stainless steel piston pushes out fillings evenly and quickly. Perfect for garnishing plates, filling chocolates, or portioning out melted chocolate. Includes a stand and tips for decorating. Does not include Oompa Loompas.

Check out all the new Fat Daddio’s products at!
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