Friday, April 13, 2012

Lucky Cooking Tools for Friday the 13th!

In honor of today, April 13, a Friday – better known as, uh, Friday the 13th – we’ve put together 13 scary, freaky items from the inventory. Why are these items so ghoulish? Because that all have the number 13 in common! Without further ado:

Nos. 13 - 9: Various Fat Daddio’s 13-inch cake pans: these 4 pans are scarily practical. Whether you’re baking a standard square or round cake, or building a tiered layer cake, these pans are durable and have natural nonstick properties. Range in prices from $13.11 (oh my!) to $27.26. 

Revol 13oz. Souffle Dish

No. 8: Revol Porcelaine Grands Classiques 13 oz. Soufflé Dish: this wonderful French white porcelain dish holds an unlucky 13 ounces, but is excellent in all other respects. Use to make crème brulee, gratin, or as a serving dish at the dinner table. This French made porcelain is durable and beautiful! $13.45

No. 7: Heavy Weight Deluxe 13-3/4” Beechwood Spoon: use to mix salads, stir tomato sauce, or as a serving piece at the dinner table. Or, use it to exact revenge on teenage campers. We recommend using it for culinary purposes. $5.45. 
USA Pans 13" Sheet Cake Pan

No. 6: USA Pans 13” Nonstick Sheet Cake Pan: an excellent pan made in America – no doubt inspired by the Friday the 13th series of films. $19.99.

No. 5: RSVP Endurance 13” Splatter Screen: protect your walls and countertops from splatter – not blood splatter, of course, but hot cooking oil, sauce, and all that. This handy mesh screen rests on top of pots and pans (up to 13” in diameter) preventing splatter, but still allowing air to circulate. $18.99. 

No. 4: Ateco Soft Gel Paste Food Coloring, 13-1/2 oz. bottle (assorted colors): paint your food blood red … and sun orange, and earth brown, and tree green. Ateco gel paste mixes well with any base. Perfect for when you’re mixing it with non-dairy products. The color will never break down in frosting. $5.60 per bottle.

No 3: USA Pans 13” Large Nonstick Pullman Loaf Pan: Why is the USA Pans company so obsessed with the number 13!? Just kidding. They make excellent products here in America, and this Pullman pan is no exception. Use a Pullman for creating dense breads, or for when you want a perfectly square loaf – just like supermarket-bought loaves. $24.99. 

Sweet figs go perfectly with meat and cheese

No. 2: I Peccati di Ciacco 13 oz. jar of oven-dried figs: 13 is even an omen in Italy – an omen for quality! These sweet, marinated figs are perfect for serving with meat and cheese. Imported from Italy, made in small batches. $14.85/jar.  

LamsonSharp vegetable cleaver - scar, strong, and made in America!

No. 1: LamsonSharp Pro Chinese Vegetable Cleaver: What does this have to do with Friday the 13th? Well, nothing, except that it’s a large, scary knife. But! It’s also an incredibly useful knife. Chop vegetables and meat quickly and easily with this large, made-in-America cleaver. A high carbon stainless steel blade resists rusting, warping, and dulling. A walnut handle with brass rivets is comfortable and strong. Get one today – just make sure your vegetables don’t run away in fear! $34.99.

Have a happy and lucky Friday the 13th

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