Thursday, January 12, 2012

Check Out The Chef Tools 2012 Clearance Sale

Have you checked out the Chef Tools 2012 storewide clearance? If not, go now. There are hundreds (thousands maybe?) of incredible products anywhere from 20% to 70% off. Here are some choice items (hurry, quantities are extremely limited!)

A stovetop grill is indispensable – especially if you live in one of the many places in this country where outdoor grilling during winter is … uncomfortable. This grill also allows you to cook fat free; so, you’re roasting vegetables and meats instead of sautéing or frying them in fat. Plus, this grill heats up in seconds, so it’s faster than cooking in the oven. Always wanted homemade Panini, grilled corn, and perfectly seared steak? Now’s your chance, and for only $30!

This durable Epicurean board is the perfect size for any task from cutting vegetables to rolling out dough. It’s made of wood fiber from managed forests, and has a bacteria resistant surface. Pick up 2 or 3 so you can prep food safely – one board for veggies, another for meats, and a third for dessert.

Once you make a cheesecake (or any cake) with a springform pan, you won’t go back to regular pans. Never worry again about shimmying a knife or spatula inside the pan, trying to pry the thing loose. When your cheesecake is done, simply unbuckle this springform pan and serve. Made of durable aluminized steel and coated with a special nonstick coating, Chicago Metallic pans come with a 25-year warranty – but you probably won’t need it.

Speaking of grilling, it’s never too soon to start preparing for summer barbecues (or to start dreaming of summer grilling). This set by Charcoal Companion makes it easy for you to grill the sweetest, juiciest part of the barbecue: fresh corn on the cob. The adjustable wire grilling rack holds 4 pieces, allowing perfect roasting of the corn in its husk. Use the rosewood brush to slather on butter, and the 8 accompanying corn-shaped picks  to hold the corn as you chow down. 

Hopefully we’ve whetted you appetite – go check out our clearance sale and find the essential items you need for your kitchen and home!
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