Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TA-DA! Introducing the World's Greatest Corkscrew

The best word to describe the Rabbit corkscrew is “beautiful.” It is good looking, and it has brains – and by brains, I mean great design.

The difference between the Rabbit – and its brother, the Houdini – and standard corkscrews is like the difference between a rotary phone and the iPhone. As far as opening corked bottles, this is the pinnacle. You simply affix the Rabbit on top of your bottle – be it your favorite chardonnay or a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar – and squeeze. No more broken corks, no more putting a bottle between your legs to pull out a sticky cork. Did I mention that it’s beautiful?

So, we were really proud to start offering the Rabbit and many other excellent products by Metrokane, the company that designed these tools. We started selling these products a couple of weeks ago to smashing success on our Amazon.com page, and we’ll eventually add them to Chef Tools.

In addition to the Rabbit, we offer the vertical Rabbit, the Electric Rabbit, and soon we'll add the economical Houdini, Houdini wine preservers and vacuum wine stoppers, and wine aerators. Ditch that rickety old handheld corkscrew and start opening and enjoying wine on an entirely new level.
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