Monday, July 18, 2011

ChefTools Customer Profile: Cakes By Kemi

ChefTools, being an online business, sees a huge variety of customers. On any given day, people from all 50 states and Canada will shop at Some are shopping just to shop, some are buying supplies for their business, and some just need 100 aluminum funnels for their laboratory (true story!). 

The notion of the huge variety of people who shop at ChefTools struck me today after noticing one particular order. Today, Adekemi Fowler bought a jar of American Silver Disco Dust from us. I did a little digging and found out that Adekemi owns her own cake catering and decorating business, Cakes By Kemi, in Jonesboro, Ga., just about 30 minutes south of Atlanta. 

Fowler is a well-trained baker and decorator, having graduated from a Le Cordon Bleu school – yes, the world-famous cooking school founded over 100 years ago in France – in Georgia. Take a look at the photo gallery on her website and you’ll see a host of incredible cakes that prove her training. She makes wedding cakes, themed cakes (one shaped like a movie theater popcorn box, or one themed on Georgia Tech’s mascot), and cupcakes – just all kinds of cakes covered in ornate fondant, frosting and decorations.

And, the cakes come in all these off-the-wall and delicious sounding flavors: raspberry limeade, humming bird, pink lemonade, pina colada …

A cake by Kemi.
“If you don’t see a specific flavor or filling listed, just ask! I can make just about any flavor combination you can imagine!” she writes on her site. 

It’s really cool to know that the little jar of Disco Dust will travel from our warehouse here in Seattle thousands of miles to Adekemi in Georgia. And then – even better – that Disco Dust will adorn one of Adekemi’s unique cakes, which later a bride and groom, or a birthday girl or boy or whomever will enjoy.

I hope to use this blog to highlight more of our customers – you’re all very important, and you’re all probably doing cool things with the stuff you buy from us. So, if you want to tell us about what you’re cooking or how you’re using something you bought on ChefTools, please email me  at Otherwise, you might get an email from me one day bugging you to tell me your story. And thanks to Adekemi for letting me share hers!

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