Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Unseen Power of the Crumpled Cup

Le Froisses!

I’ve been readying a line of Revol products for the last week for debut on Among these products are some new styles of Revol’s rather famous line of crumpled porcelain cups. Revol, a French company, calls these cups “froisses,” which means “creased.” I had always thought they were cool looking cups, but I started to wonder whether the design was just for looks or something more.

So, I asked someone. Walter, the founder of ChefTools, brought me over to our office water cooler for a lesson in crumpled porcelain. “You’re probably too young to remember this,” he said, holding a Revol cup up to the cooler and pretending to fill it up, just like one of those little paper Solo cups."But this is how you would crumple the cup after you were done drinking!" he said, pretending to squeeze the tiny porcelain cup.

Of course! Then I held the crumpled cup in my hand (this was the tiny, shot-glass size one), and behold, my fingers fit perfectly around the crease. I was unfortunately too dense to see it, but Revol’s crumpled cups series was inspired by … crumpled cups. 

Check out the full line of crumpled cups, and be on the lookout when we add new ones around the beginning of August. They come on all sizes and colors, and maybe you’ll have fun telling party guests or whomever that your purposely crumpled porcelain cups are an artful comment on our disposable culture. Or, that they just look cool.
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