Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spaghetti scrubber test

How ironic: last night I used the Goodbye Detergent! spaghetti scrubber to clean out a pot I had used to make pasta. I mix pasta and sauce in the same pot, so it was quite soiled. Since I had been lazy about the dishwashing, the marinara sauce was a little dry, and some bits of pasta were still stuck to the bottom.

I was lucky to have the spaghetti scrubber (it’s another one of those products that we get to test; I was given it to take home last Thursday), since the only other implement I had was a plain old sponge. If you’re looking at the picture of the scrubber and wondering how it works – as I did when I first saw a picture – it’s basically a tangle of cotton and polyester strands embedded with corn cob smithereens. It’s a gentle abrasive.

I can report that the scrubber cleaned the pot well. It took one pass to clear off the sauce (keep in mind, this was a huge pot with deep sides, and I had succeeded in coating basically the entire thing with sauce), though I had to work at the pasta stuck to the bottom. I like the scrubber because it does not gross me out like steel wool, and it’s easier to maneuver than a brush. It also does not need soap to work, so it could be useful for non-stick surfaces and cast iron.

I still felt weird cleaning up pasta with “pasta.” I guess it’s not as weird as cleaning up after Thanksgiving with a turkey-shaped sponge, or cleaning the grill with a cow-shaped brush.

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