Thursday, May 12, 2011

Introducing: paper bakeware

Like a cupcake wrapper, but bigger.

That’s the best way to describe the line of paper bakeware by Welcome Home Brands that we just added to

My biggest concern as an occasional home baker is pan-to-baked good physics. Will this cake stick or come out clean? How do I cut these brownies with this metal pan in the way? Can I alter the particle composition of my spatula so it can pass through the wall of the pan and get horizontal underneath my treats (just like this X-Men character I’m thinking about)?

Of course, when baking cupcakes, you don’t have to worry about any of this. You just pour the batter into the wrapper, bake and remove the cupcakes when they’re ready to eat. And, peeling that wrapper back is kind of fun.

So, imagine if you could apply the same method to cake, brownies, crispy treats, or whatever other sugary baked good you create. Plus, the bakeware looks nice, so you can feel good about plopping it down in the middle of the table after Thanksgiving dinner, rather than your 20-year-old dented aluminum pan.

Oh, and I almost forgot: you don’t have to clean anything. I think we all know that sugar + flour + water + 2 hours left sitting on the counter = cake concrete.

So, check this stuff out. These are not a substitute for metal or silicone bakeware pieces – especially if you’re a voracious baker - but if you only bake occasionally and for special occasions (if you’re like me, it’s about 6 times per year), you might want to try paper bakeware.

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