Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No More Dirty Dishes!

If there's one thing I really can't stand it's coming home to a kitchen full of dirty dishes. I'm sure that sentiment is shared with many. It just makes me not want to cook - and that's a big deal because I LOVE to cook! I believe in the old adage: one person cooks, the other person cleans. However, it would help if both people in the relationship felt the same way.

In my household, I cook and I clean. Again, I absolutely love to cook so that’s not a problem for me. However, the last thing I want to do after creating and eating an elaborate meal is doing the dishes afterwards. So to make my life easier, I’m always on the hunt for good cleaning tools & all-natural cleaning products.

Thankfully, I started working at ChefTools and voila! I entered the world of gadgets galore and found some products I will never be without. Since today is National “No More Dirty Dishes Day” I figured I’d share with you my favorite cleaning products. And if you loathe cleaning dishes as much as I do, you will appreciate these recommendations, for they have made my life MUCH simpler!

Last night I made sure the dishes were done so I could come home tonight to a clean kitchen – ready for me to create my next culinary delight! (Well, at least I hope it’s delightful! HA!)

Happy No More Dirty Dishes Day!

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Houseworks Rub Away Bar
We've all seen these stainless steel bars and wondered "do they really work?" Well, I'm here to tell you they do! I can't stand going to bed and smelling garlic on my hands and since I start with garlic in practically every dish I cook, this little bar has made my hands much less smelly. Yay!

Being a Calphalon and Le Creuset addict, I needed something to scrub, but not scratch, my gooey messes out of my nice pans. Our fearless leader - Walter - introduced me to these beauties and I'm now just as addicted to these Spaghetti Scrubs as I am my cookware. They have saved my nice pans and made clean-up a cinch - without any detergent! Trust me, once you try it, you'll never be without one in your kitchen.
Can't fit your hand inside your wine glasses? Either can I. So this little Glass Brush makes it easy and it won't scratch your nice crystal glasses! Love it!

And last, but not least, this little baby is awesome for scrubbing my circa-1976, faux-butcherblock countertops. It's made of microfiber which is awesome for amazing absorption and it has a little scrubby pad built into it for getting up the sticky, dried-on sauces that get splashed all over. And they come in cute colors that match my kitchen, which makes me happy.

Happy cleaning everyone!

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