Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting to Know Our ChefTools Foodies: Alison

I'd like to introduce you to Miss Alison.

Alison joined the ChefTools team almost 5 years ago and knows our company inside and out. She is originally from Maryland which is kinda funny because we have quite a few transplanted East Coasters who call ChefTools home. It makes for a fantastic variety of opinions, ideas and creativity - and we like it that way!

Although Alison loves food, she is not a cook herself. In fact, if she had it her way she’d eat out every night at a new restaurant until she’s “tasted everything under the sun”. One thing she cannot live without is crab cakes – but since she moved from Maryland, Alison has not found one that can compare to the cakes from back home. (Any local suggestions out there, Seattle?)

But to show that even non-culinary artists have their favorite kitchen tools and gadgets, Alison provided us with a list of her favorites. Either she has reviewed these items for our own site, bought them for friends and family, or just thinks they are pretty darn cute. This list just goes to show that even the non-cooks out there can benefit from great tools in the kitchen.

So… let’s get you cooking!

Alison’s Top 10 List

And of course, Miss Royal Kitty herself
Lucks Edible Image - Royal Kitten
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