Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bodum sponsors latte art contest

You must know how to draw a rosetta to get a barista job at a coffee shop in Seattle. But that’s entry-level stuff. Most baristas around here can draw anything from Slimer (the green guy from “Ghostbusters”) to roses, Volkswagen Beetles, and baseballs. Pretty much anything – and all with a little bit of foam (soy or regular, doesn’t matter).

So, it’s kind of disappointing to see that no locals from here won in’s coffee art contest, which was sponsored by Bodum, one of the fine brands carries. I understand someone from Intelligentsia (supposedly the best coffee shop between Cape Cod and San Francisco) winning, but the grand prize went to a North Carolinian? Oh well, she definitely deserved it.

But it was cool of Bodum to sponsor the event. Pick up a stovetop espresso maker or French press, a frothing pitcher and a frother and practice making rosettas at home.

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