Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful, mouthwatering ... ice?

I never thought I’d be hungry for ice, but this Wall Street Journal article makes me crave a drink with a big, sharp cube. Even better, has one of the products they highlight for perfect ice. Tovolo ice cube trays are silicone, which anyone who has ever banged a plastic tray on a counter knows is superior. The WSJ writer expounds on the need for perfect ice:

"When it comes to ice, size does matter, not to mention shape, density and clarity. If you prefer your Scotch on the rocks, beware: Small, brittle ice will quickly dilute years of cask aging. No one wants a Bruichladdich slushie.

But large cubes or spheres of ice will melt more slowly, bringing your drink closer to the temperature of the ice without over-diluting it. Larger pieces, such as spears the length of a glass, are ideal for keeping tall, carbonated beverages chilled. And there's a place for pebbled and crushed ice, too: mint juleps, swizzles and many tiki drinks wouldn't be possible without them."

Check out our full line of Tovolo ice cube trays, including the Tovolo King Cube Extra Large Silicone tray.

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