Thursday, October 15, 2009

NEW Decorating Videos!

8 NEW gingerbread decorating videos added to our site!We've just added 8 new videos to our decorating center! They are all gingerbread themed and will show you basic decorating and building techniques as well as how to build a gingerbread bird house, dog house and beach house. Kasia provides thorough, step by step demonstrations as well as some great tips and tricks throughout the 8 decorating videos.

I think you'll find yourself inspired as well as prepared to start your own gingerbread projects after watching our new gingerbread decorating series. We have a list of quick links to products at the bottom of the decorating center page as well as an "icing recipes" document available for you to download and/or print.

View the new videos HERE, just click on the image underneath "Open the Lucks Video Decorating Library"
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