Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dutch Ovens - Why the craze?

If you have been looking at some old recipes lately for soups, stews or roasting poultry you may have seen them refer to using a Dutch Oven. Dutch Ovens have been around for a long time, but you may not know why you would use it. It wasn't until recently I began to understand the many uses for a Dutch Oven in my own cooking.

So why the craze over Dutch Ovens?

They're extremely versatile. You can use it like a stockpot or a baking dish. If you can only invest in one really nice pot, make it a Dutch Oven. Their circular design and tight fitting lid help them radiate heat around the contents while keeping in moisture for efficient cooking over long periods of time.

What ways do you use a Dutch Oven?

Soups or Stews - Place on the stove-top for long simmering stews, beans or stocks. Their design and thick gauge material makes it easy for them to retain heat over long cooking periods.

Roasting - Place in the oven for slow roasting meats and vegetables. Their ability to evenly heat and retain heat over long periods with less energy being consumed means they are perfect for slow roasting.The lid keeps in moisture that prevents the food from drying out over long cooking times.

Deep-Frying - Place on the stove-top for frying vegetables or meat. The even heat distribution allows the cook to monitor the oil temperature for even cooking. Always verify the temperatures are okay for use with your particular Dutch Oven.

Bread Baking - Place in oven for baking bread or other baked goods. The tight lid keeps moisture in creating a great crust. The even heat distribution makes for even baking.

Casseroles - Any dish that requires cooking on the stove-top and then be in the oven. You can reduce the amount of dishes needed by using a Dutch Oven for both the stove top portion and the baking portion of cooking.

Bottom line: You can use this one pot for many different meals instead of having several different pots for all of these functions.

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