Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New In Clearance Cooking Tools!

We’ve added a couple of hundred cooking products to our clearance section, so I wanted to highlight some cool culinary tools you can grab at a deep discount. And always be sure to check out our clearance cooking tools section for new products. 

Luminarc Coke Glass Cans – These are super cool, durable pieces that are perfect for a lemonade on the back porch – or, you know, a glass of soda. The Coca Cola logo is raised up off the surface of the glass. 

Head Chefs Cooking Tools – These cool little cooking guys are going fast, so hurry. We have measuring cups, pastry brushes, icing spreaders, and more, all with little bendable silicone arms and legs. Perfect for young budding chefs! 

Outset Nonstick Copper Grill Topper Wok – Grilling season is not over! Not until the first snow will we put down our grill tongs and stop buying 12-packs of hamburger buns! Use this grill tool to sauté anything from mushrooms to shrimp right on your grill top. 

Soehnle Digital Kitchen Scale – A discount digital scale that will help you make baked goods better. Most of us measure dry goods by volume, but measuring by weight is far better. Does your recipe call for 12 ounces of flour? Then this is the tool for you.

Shun Ken Onion Knives – Find these throughout our clearance department, from small paring knives to big santoku knives. It’s rare to find Ken Onion knives on sale because they’re simply among the best knives on the planet. You save a ton of money and gain a knife that will be with you forever.  

Check out our entire clearance department here and find all the discount professional cooking tools you’re looking for! 
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