Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Le Creuset Marseille Blue, Cafe Collection, Truffle & More!

Several very big announcements on the Le Creuset front today. We’re rolling out the new line of Le Creuset cast iron – the Signature Series. These pieces feature great new innovations, but I’ll get to that later. The bigger news:

Marseille blue is here. 
3-1/2 Quart Marseille Blue Signature Series French Oven

This is truly Le Creuset’s most heavenly hue. A shade so light and crisp that you’ll want to go swimming in it; it’s like a clear mid-afternoon sky. And, we have every piece: from French Ovens (oval and round) to silicone kitchen utensils to teapots, stockpots, and dishware. The pictures of the Marseille blue pieces don’t do justice; you have to own this color to grasp its depth and beauty. 

And I mustn't forget the other color: Truffle. This earthy brown color is only available on Le Creuset's new Café Collection – a line of stoneware coffee serving and brewing pieces. I’m already hearing rumors that Truffle pieces are selling out – especially the French press. Truffle is the perfect complement to a cup of coffee mixed with cream. It brings out the dark, rich color of the brewed beans. 
Le Creuset French Press in Truffle

And, of course, we have the new Le Creuset Signature line. Le Creuset has added a number of innovations to its already exceptional cast iron ovens:
- Wider handles for easier carrying
- New phenolic knobs heat resistant up to 500 F
- Lid stabilizers for a tighter fit and moister and quickly cooked meals
- A lighter enamel color that helps you monitor doneness more easily
- New enamel is also more stain resistant

Between Signature, Marseille Blue, Truffle, and the Café Collection, today is a huge day for lovers and users of Le Creuset products. Get your new Le Creuset pieces now before they sell out!
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