Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Pie For: Tovolo Pie Pops

The complete Pie Pops kit by Tovolo

The Tovolo Pie Pops kit is definitely one of the most interesting gadgets we’ve offered in a long time. Pie on a stick? What’s next, cake on a … errr … cookies on … shoot.  At this point, what treat hasn’t been affixed to the end of a stick? (Muffins?)

A stick in itself may not add flavor, but it does add another dimension, just like how eating a burger on a bun allows you to introduce onions, ketchup, etc. Of course, eating a pie on a stick is a cleaner eating experience. It also bends the laws of pie eating physics – a Pie Pop allows for dipping, a task that’s tricky with traditional fork/pie combo. Dip the pie in whipped cream, take a bite; dip the pie in chocolate chips, take another bite - and on until you’re full.

The best I can tell, the Pie Pops experience is for parties.  From the baking to the communal eating/dipping, it’s perfect for birthday parties, Friday family nights, bridal showers, and more. The baking tray comes with little bowls for condiments, and you can arrange the Pie Pops around the condiments for leisurely snacking.

But how does it work? It’s as easy as you-know-what.
  L   1) Place your dough inside the pie molds and add filling
2)      2) Insert a wooden stick through the hole in the pie mold (notice how the mold adds those awesome crust crosshatches?)
3)      3) Place the molds inside the baking tray
4)      4) Bake
5)      5) Enjoy

My only wish is that Pie Pops were available at the local convenience store, like lollipops. Pick up one of these neat kits for your next birthday bash, or just get one because it’s fun. Remember: food on a stick is always better.
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