Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NEW Scanpan Cookware At "Try Me" Prices

The 2-piece CSX (top) and CTX fry pan set.
We’re rolling out a bunch of new pans and sets by Scanpan this week – but even better, most of the pans are at “try me” prices. That means you can get a $210 CSX Series fry pan for just $99.95 (no sales tax (except Washington state residents) and free shipping, too!). There are some other great deals on these excellent pans, but it’s for a limited time only. 

A little background on Scanpan: hand forged in Denmark (hence the name Scanpan, as in Scandinavian Pan), Scanpan makes some of the most durable and environmentally friendly pans in the world. The Classic Series pans are great for home cooks; perfect for frequent sautéing, braising, and frying. The Classic Series pans feature a layer of ceramic-titanium nonstick coating, which means there are no harmful chemicals on there; plus, the chemical-free nonstick layer is tough, able to stand up to scrapes from metal utensils. 

At the top of the Scanpan line, you’ll find the CSX and CTX Series pans. CSX pans feature 4 layers of super-conductive aluminum; the stainless steel cooking surface seals and protects the aluminum, while allowing the pan to heat evenly with no heat pockets. 

CTX pans use the same aluminum layering method for excellent heat distribution, but feature a non-toxic, PFOA-free nonstick cooking surface (much like the Classic Series pans). A set of 2 (pictured above) CTX and CSX pans is on sale for a limited time, so you can try both and figure out which one best suits your needs (you'll find that both do!).

In other words, Scanpan manufactures its products with two goals in mind: to be kind to the environment (both the Earth’s and yours), and to provide an exceptional cooking surface. 

So hurry over to our Scanpan Department and get 50% or more off new Scanpan pans – anytime you see a price highlighted in red, it’s a “try me.”
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