Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Choose Meri Meri V&A collection for your next holiday party

V&A Reindeer Place Card

It’s never too early to start thinking about decorating for holiday parties and dinners. November and December are the best months of winter because we get to spend so much time with friends and family – best of all, most of that time is spent in our homes, around a dinner table packed with scrumptious food.

For sure, food is a main attraction. But what about the rest of the table, the rest of the house? Are there elegant ornaments hanging from the ceiling? Are your cocktail napkins in the spirit of the season? Are your cupcakes shrouded in beautiful silver and gold wrappers?
New this year from Meri Meri, one of the world’s leading party decoration makers, is the Victoria and Albert collection. These pieces were inspired by textiles from the famous Victoria and Albert Museum of design in London, and are appropriate for any holiday party between now and New Year’s.
V&A Cocktail Napkins
Meri Meri’s V&A collection has all the items you’d expect: from cocktail napkins to ornaments, place cards, luminaries, plates and centerpieces. Each piece features an intricate silver and gold pattern; like what you’d imagine the Queen of England’s wallpaper must be like.
Browse the V&A collection and buy a few pieces to make your next holiday party more wonderful and more beautiful. String the snowflake garland around the living room, place the cocktail napkins next to the appetizers, put the place cards around the table, and enjoy the warmth of a holiday party with loved ones.
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