Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beware! The Chef Tools Halloween Department!

Lucks Dec Ons cake decorations
Forget vampires, zombies, ghouls, haunted houses and tiny, tiny candy bars – Halloween is all about the pumpkin. The gourd’s wonderful orange hue adorns everything from aprons to cast iron baking dishes (and a lot of other stuff). Even better, that sweet/savory pumpkin flavor works its way into everything from muffins to coffee to donuts to beer. Even oven-roasted pumpkin is a treat on a cool, rainy fall evening.

Thus, Halloween – and the weeks before - is still sweet for folks who are a little too old to dress up like Shrek and collect pounds of candy from the neighbors.  

Here at Chef Tools, we're well aware of the wonderfulness of Halloween, pumpkins, the color orange and caramel apples – so we’ve created an entirely new Halloween-themed department for all your Oct. 31 needs. And, we’ve reduced prices on many key items - you'll 15% off all items

Start with this LamsonSharp carving knife (made in the USA) and slice a scary grin into an orange gourd, or use it to turn that tasty pumpkin meat into a pie. Or flavoring for cupcake …

We have a great selection of Paper Bakeware Halloween-themed baking cups. Just fill the wrappers with batter and place in the oven. The paper is oven safe, so there’s no need to dirty a pan and the cupcakes (or cake) come out in a lovely wrapper. 

Serve the cupcakes at your Halloween party with decorations by Meri Meri. Get intricate cupcake holders, like that giant spider below; plus, we have plenty of plates, napkins and cups for all your guests. My favorite, the haunted house table centerpiece complete with ghosts, witches and craggy trees.
Meri Meri Spider Cupcake Holder Set

Check out our Halloween department. There are over 75 items, from cake molds to serving trays to food coloring. Everything you need to enjoy (a pumpkin-flavored) Halloween. Order today and get your items weeks ahead of Halloween!
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