Thursday, September 29, 2011

Architec: stylish and durable, a plastic alternative

Architec Purelast mixing bowl set (cool)
You’ll see these bowls by Architec start to pop up everywhere, including Chef Tools (available 9/30). At least, I hope you'll start seeing them more (especially in your kitchen), anyway. 

That’s because these bowls are special. They look like plastic, feel like plastic and are as easy to clean as plastic. But, you can’t call them plastic. These bowls are made of 98 percent natural materials. The exact recipe is secret (and it’s probably too complicated for a non-chemist brain to understand), but they’re kind of like those Sun Chips bags made of corn … without all the noise. 

Man has created many plastic things. Look around you and you’ll see that almost everything close to you is made of plastic. There’s probably a lot of plastic in your kitchen, too. It’s almost freeing to find a product that’s not made of plastic. These bowls mean less pollution and less waste. Let's hear it for innovation!

Not to mention, these bowls are really stylish. The colors are cool, the curves are cool, the manufacturing process is cool (made in the USA). 

Head to Chef Tools this weekend and pick up some durable, non-plastic essentials. We have added:

  • 3 mixing bowl sets
  • 3 sets of prep cups
  • 3 sets of condiment cups

We’ve also added some other fine Architec products; made of plastic, but still incredibly useful, durable and stylish. These cutting boards won’t dull knives – and the kicker (pun intended) – have hundreds of tiny feet on the bottom so the board won’t slip. 
Architec Gripper Cutting Board

Check out our “What’s New” page to find out about all the great stuff we’ve added in recent weeks (just go to our homepage, scroll down and click the “What’s New” box):

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  • WMF Profi Ball Whisks
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