Monday, May 23, 2011

The designer behind OXO

Here’s an interesting story from CBS News. It’s about the designer behind OXO products.

Who would have thought that the OXO sink strainer started as a prototype made of a toilet plunger and a measuring cup?

If you think about it, OXO products are among the most innovative and fun of any kitchen tools. Growing up, I remember my parents’ kitchens were stocked with bland items, like the metal spatula with the melted hard plastic handle, or a couple of chipped wooden stirring spoons. And my favorite: the metal can opener that dug canyons into the palms of your hands because you had to hold it so tight. Then OXO came along and introduced these comfortable, good looking, and soft products. All the tools have round edges, are colorful and useful. They seek to solve problems.

What stands out to me most in their design is the fun, almost cartoonish sensibility. The designs line up with Ikea products, a store that has ushered in a new era in home design. In a related but different realm: has anyone read Bill Bryson’s book about the history of home design?

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