Friday, April 15, 2011

ChefTools gets 2 new employees!

It’s been an exciting week for On Monday, two new employees came aboard the ChefTools team at our HQ here in sunny Seattle, and they’ll be regularly updating this blog (and our Facebook and Twitter sites) with food news, new products available on ChefTools, promotions and recipes.

Sara Monzo is ChefTools’ new marketing coordinator and Neal McNamara is the new content editor. We’re excited about them because it means we’re continuing to expand and that we’ll be even more diligent about letting you know the best ways to outfit your kitchen.

Sara lives in Redmond, Wa., and has a ton of marketing experience. Even better, she loves to cook and she loves getting her hands on the newest cooking tools – and believe us, when we have a cool new gadget or a blockbuster sale (or just a good recipe), she’ll let you know.

Sara cooks at home all the time, and especially enjoys fixing Mexican-style dishes. (She makes a mean enchilada sauce.) She is “addicted” to pho (pronounced “fa”), a Vietnamese soup that’s Seattle’s signature dish – Philadelphia has cheese steaks, New Orleans muffaletta sandwiches, and Seattle has pho – and has the strange power to warm the soul on even the grayest, coldest of Pacific Northwest days. She recently got a Le Creuset Dutch oven and can’t stop using it.

Neal lives in Seattle and joins our team after a career in newspaper journalism. He’s lived all over the country, but he’s originally from New York. So, he’s pretty much obsessed with pizza, coffee and bagels. Sadly, he hasn’t found anything west of the Hudson River that he would call pizza (Connecticut has great pizza, surprisingly; they call it “apizza”). But he’s still looking, and toils in his own kitchen trying to recreate New York-style pie (he’s working on perfecting a dough recipe and trying to get his landlord to install a brick oven in his apartment – so far, so bad). He would be lost in the kitchen without his chef’s knife and his grandmother’s World War II-era cast iron pan.

So keep checking our blog and Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ll be looking to connect and share information with you, and hear from you about what you want out of

Let’s get you cooking!

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