Friday, September 17, 2010

Uber Bar Tools

Uber Bar Tools
Uber Bar Tools ProJig
Michael Silvers (aka The Uber-Dude), the founder of Uber Bar Tools, is passionate about cocktails. The name Uber comes from the German word Uber, which means extraordinarily good or the best of the best. His goal was to take his 25 years of design and manufacturing experience and use them to design and manufacture the finest bar tools available.

That's the story of Uber Bar Tools and you can find the entire line at Chef Tools. The ProFlow Speed Pour is Uber's take on one of the most common bar tools. Its ingenious design prevents leakage, breakage and evaporation. The Speed Pour is available in chrome and black and it disassembles for easy cleaning. ProFlow's air intake regulates the flow rate of liquids and gives you a perfect four count volume pour. Uber's ProJig (pictured left) is a revolutionary jigger that can accommodate up to 12 different volume pour combinations. The angled lip on the ProJig gives you clean, direct pour streams and the Polycarbonate body is durable and long lasting. Uber Bar Tools also has complete bar tool sets in 3 varieties that contain every tool you would ever need to produce the finest cocktails.

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