Friday, September 3, 2010

Over 100 New Epicurean Boards, Tools and More

Epicurean Flower Trivet in Slate/Red

Epicurean Flower Trivet

Epicurean BBQ Salver in Grey

Epicurean BBQ Salver
Epicurean makes fantastic cutting boards. They became famous for their boards because they are extremely durable, environmentally friendly, dishwasher safe and light-weight. If you are in the market for a new cutting board Epicurean is definitely worth looking at.

Something else worth looking at is Epicurean's fantastic new line of tools! Like the Trivets and Coasters. Epicurean Trivets come in three different styles, Flower (pictured top left), Curve and Star, and each style has different color combinations. Epicurean coasters come in three different colors and they may be the best surface protecting coasters on the market.

Epicurean Saute Tools, Turners and Spoons are must haves if you have any nonstick cookware. They are made from renewable and natural materials and won't scratch your pots and pans. The Epicurean Food Scrapers are pretty indispensable as well. If you ever work with pastry dough or need to chop and scoop some quick veggies this is the tool for you.

Lastly, I'll recommend Epicurean's BBQ Salver (pictured bottom left). All of Epicurean's boards are great, but this one is exceptional for all types of grilling enthusiasts. This board allows you to have your tools, a beverage, and some sauces or seasonings always close at hand while at the grill. It comes in Grey and Red and includes a removable 15" x 11" Kitchen Series cutting board. If you are going to eat outside, this board is great for grabbing your meat off the grill, placing it on your board and slicing it up right there. You can also remove the board inside, chop your veggies, then carry them out to the grill to be cooked or placed on things like burgers and brats.

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