Friday, September 10, 2010

Introducing Norpro

Norpro Silicone Pie Bird

Norpro Nonstick Pretzel Pan

Norpro Battery Operated Flour Sifter
Whether you love practical kitchen tools or less common kitchen gadgets, you will love Norpro. We've just added 200+ new Norpro products with everything from a traditional roasting pan to a silicone pie bird (pictured top left) and everything in between.

Norpro was founded in 1973 by Gunnar Lie who set out to design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality kitchen products. His daughter Kirsten runs the company now and she continues to build and grow Norpro, based on the principles established by her father. Norpro representatives travel the world to study developing trends, which in turn gives them the insight to create some of the most innovative tools and gadgets on the market.

One of these innovations is the Norpro Nonstick Pretzel Pan (pictured middle left). This pan comes complete with recipes to help you get started making delicious, fresh pretzels at home and the nonstick surface makes sure your pretzels come out easily. If you like pretzels, you can't beat the fresh, homemade taste you get from using the Norpro Nonstick Pretzel Pan.

Another unique product is the Norpro Battery Operated Flour Sifter (pictured bottom left). This product is ideal for people that love to bake, but are limited because of arthritis or a stroke. The Battery Operated Flour Sifter requires one AA battery (not included) and can be easily used with one hand. It features a stainless steel mesh screen, snap-on lid, and detachable handle for easy cleaning. The Norpro Battery Operated Flour Sifter also makes a great gift.

If you're looking for more practical tools and gadgets, consider the Norpro Flexible Cutting Mats, Set of 3. These under $5 mats are FDA approved, dishwasher safe, and are ideal for everyday chopping and dicing. Another practical product is the Norpro Lettuce Compost Keeper. Shaped like a head of lettuce, the Compost Keeper is a stylish and effective way to store household organic waste for transfer to your garden composter. It comes with an odor preventing filter and will hold 1-3/4-quarts of waste.

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