Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gluten Free

some of our Gluten Free pastas from Ritrovo
a few Gluten Free pastas
We've just added a Gluten Free department to our web site! We know how important accessibility to Gluten Free foods is to people that need to or want to avoid gluten. In our Gluten Free Foods department we've got a great selection of corn and rice pastas. Il Macchiaiolo pastas are delicious, gourmet pastas from the Piedmont region of Italy. They are made in small batches which ensures homemade quality and maximum freshness. We've also got some sweets in our Gluten Free department. Primo Pan Gluten Free Cookies make a great snack. They are crunchy, light, and contain top-quality ingredients from small farms in the surrounding area of Battifollo in Italy. Primo Pan Biscotti Cookies are also a delicious Gluten Free indulgence from Battifollo. Finally, we have Corn Couscous and Corn & Rice Couscous. If you've never used couscous it's very easy to get used to. It cooks in boiling water, just like rice, and is a great side-dish replacement for rice.

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