Monday, June 21, 2010

Beat the Heat

Frozen Jewel Ice Pop Molds
What's better than a tasty, refreshing ice pop to help cool the summer heat?

Nothing really. A homemade ice pop is a quick and healthy snack that can be enjoyed all summer long. At Chef Tools we've got lots of fun and exciting ice pop mold shapes to help you create your very own custom frozen treats that any kid will love. Simply add your favorite mix of anything like pureed fruit, fruit juice, ice cream or yogurt to your ice pop mold and freeze for a few hours until frozen. Mix it up by adding different things to each ice pop mold to find your favorite combination. Ice pop molds also make a great gift for parents and their kids. What kid wouldn't enjoy making and enjoying their own custom ice pop?

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Green Groovy Ice Pop Molds

Blue Rocket Ice Pop Molds
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