Monday, March 22, 2010

Fight Cancer with Your Wallet

1.8 qt LivestrongTM Tea Kettle
The Lance Armstrong Foundation and Chantal have teamed up to make it easy for you to help in the fight against cancer. You may already be familiar with Lance Armstrong's story, but in case you aren't here is the quick version. At age 25, after winning the Tour Du Pont, multiple Tour de France stages, and many World Championships, Lance was undeniably one of the world's best cyclists. He appeared invincible and his future was bright. Then Lance found out he had testicular cancer which is the most common cancer in men ages 15-35. If testicular cancer is detected early, there is a promising 90% cure rate. During his treatment, Lance created the Lance Armstrong Foundation which has become one of the premier cancer support and research efforts to date.

The founder of Chantal, Heida Thurlow, has been a cancer survivor for nearly two decades. She was well aware of the need for support and education before the Lance Armstrong Foundation even existed. Heida helped create the LivestrongTM collection for people like herself who believe in surviving and living life to the fullest. Each piece in the LivestrongTM collection features the signature golden yellow and LivestrongTM logo. 10% of the sales of all LivestrongTM ceramic items and 5% of the LivestrongTM tea kettle go directly to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The LivestrongTM collection is stylish, functional and a constant reminder to all that if you experience cancer first hand, you are not alone.

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Click HERE to learn more about the Lance Armstrong Foundation
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