Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

The countdown to Super Bowl XLIV has begun!

It's bound to be a great game to watch as the Indianapolis Colts battle the New Orleans Saints in South Florida on Sunday, February 7th. Since our Seattle Seahawks have been out of the race for many weeks now, we don't have a team to root for and have decided to just sit back and enjoy a sure to be intense game. If you're planning a party (which makes the Super Bowl even more fun) make sure to shop for your supplies!

For Colts Fans

Enjoy some cupcakes or a cake featuring horseshoe and horse head dec-ons from Lucks' Western Assortment.

Top your treats with Electric Blue and Frost White Sparkling Sugars.

For Saints Fans

Wrap some Gold Shimmer Ribbons around a black cake.

Top your treats with Gold Sparkling Sugar

Display your cupcakes on a Gold Stand.

Taunt Colts fans with a Horse in Field Edible Image.

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