Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Cookware and Tea Kettles

There's a new addition to our big family of brands and it goes by the name "Chantal". Founded in 1979 by Heida Thurlow, Chantal was born due to the lack of beautiful and functional cookware that was available in the marketplace. Heida is a brilliant female mechanical engineer who couldn't find work in the late 1970s because corporations weren't willing to hire women for that kind of a position. These two reasons gave her the idea to start her own cookware company and ever since then Chantal has developed into a multimillion dollar internationally successful company. Visit our site to learn more about Chantal cookware, cookware accessories and tea kettles. Also, make sure to watch the chefdemo featuring Tre Wilcox, contestant on Bravo TV's Top Chef, where he demonstrates cooking with Chantal's Copper Fusion line of cookware.

Chantal Cookware

Chantal Tea Kettles

Chantal Cookware Accessories

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